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Residential Customers:

If you are looking for an additional extension socket or just want to get a better service from your
broadband, you've come to the right place.
Internally wiring telephone extensions sockets - £45.00
Externally wired telephone extension sockets - £50.00
Guaranteed not to interfere with your Internet connection
We are a independent Ex BT engineers providing telecommunication service to residential customers. As we are local to
North London we're available to install various single sockets , fault repairs and new cabling for broadbands.

Special reduced rates for OAP.
All our telephone engineer are CRB checked
Your NTE5 telephone master socket.

The main body of the NTE5 houses its own special telephone socket, this socket serves as a test
point once the lower detachable half has been removed. This is where your  additional sockets will
be wired from.
NTE5 telephone master socket

All our telephone engineer are CRB checked.
Wiring additional telephone socket
External Service

Some external joint boxes attached to your premises have connecting wires through a screw or
terminal joints. This can be a source of corrosion & high resistance type faults.

Both of which can have a negative effect on the line & some enabled services.

Petroleum filled connectors can reduce this problem.

We Provide a Professional service

When we install your extension sockets we use internal grade telephone cable with BS standard of
CW1308. With this in mind if you don't use the correct cable this can cause interference on your line and
cause slow broadband faults.

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